The beginnings of a beauty product fiend…

I once had the chance to do some (unpaid) work for the Mirror Newspaper Magazine called “M” in London many moons ago. I spend a couple months hidden away in the fashion and beauty closet on the 20 something floor of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, assisting the Junior fashion Assistant. Despite no pay this was too cool an opportunity to pass up so I shamefully lived on my credit card for 3 months and told myself that I was off to great places! Pressed into my one and only Esprit pin striped suit and armed with my Starbucks skinny latte I clicked my Zara pumps into that building like I belonged!

The closet was literally a closet, no windows and so tiny that one couldn’t swing a cat in there let alone give me my own desk to work on. I sidled up to *Lucy and told myself to count my lucky stars! The tiny closet was however chocca full of the latest fashion gems that hadn’t yet hit the shop floor and beauty products galore, 4 shelves full! The beauty editor got sent every latest product and perfume under the sun for free, in the hopes she would feature their next best lip gloss or eyeliner. Due to the obvious lack of space in the “office” the beauty editor barged in one morning and said “There are one too many products in here, feel free to select a couple items for yourselves”. What I heard as I started rubbing my hands together was “Please, I beg you, on my hands and knees, take this stuff of my hands, whatever you want just take it!!!” 

The beauty product on everyone’s lips at the time was the Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ECLAT Radiant Touch Luminizing Pen and Clarins Beauty Flash balm, I managed to get my mitts on both of them as well as a beautiful nude Shiseido lipstick, a MAC face powder and a bottle of Vivienne Westwood perfume!!! (Truth be told, it wasn’t really that nice a perfume but that was soooo beside the point!) I could have loaded my bag with it all but didn’t want to be uncool…it certainly took a little of the sting away when I received my credit card bill! 

I have moved on to greener pastures as far as perfume goes and when my budget allows will definitely reinvest in some Radiant Touch but I continue to use Beauty Flash Balm and I couldn’t live without my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder… 


4 responses to “The beginnings of a beauty product fiend…

  1. ooh the Mac mineralize skinfish powder – I’ve heard so much about it!! 🙂 great post too!! ❤

  2. I love the MAC powder foundation and mineralize skin finish powder! They are so quick and easy to apply – and look great! Imagine if you could make a return trip to that amazing cupboard of ‘freebies’ – what would you choose this time? Great post and blog.

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