Easy like a Sunday…day…

Weekends are usually action packed so imagine my delight when I realize that this weekend holds zero commitments. No plans and two whole days to myself to do whatever takes my fancy including …well doing nothing at all…

There are however two particular activities that I enjoy indulging in which are better done when one has a bit of time to spare and that’s…baking and bathing!

Spare time on a weekend in my home will usually involve baking at least one treat! A scrummage about in my beloved cookbooks and there are gooey brownies, sweet lemony tarts , rich sticky toffee pudding, rose meringues, mousses….ahhh the possibilities are endless. Today I fancy getting my teapot out and having afternoon tea and me thinks just the treat today will be a lemon drizzle cake. It turned out perfectly indeed and what a doddle to make!

Then there are long relaxing baths…I love my baths! It becomes a little event… Bubbles or salts or both! I light the candles, there’s music, I prepare tea, select a mask and soak…time is forgot…until I’m a raisin : )

Of course there’s time to read on these lazy weekends as well but I can always find time to do that!

BeFunky_2014-09-13 16.jpgBeFunky_2014-09-13 17.jpgBeFunky_2014-09-13 16.jpg

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