The Shimmer Brick…

I live in a small town… actually that’s not entirely true… I live on a farm, 15 mins drive outside of a small town! I have to be creative when it comes to hunting and shopping for beauty products so you can just imagine my level of excitement upon discovering that there’s a shopping mall in the next town that has opened up a Bobbi Brown counter in Red Square! I’m pretty sure I literally squealed with delight! I LOVE Bobbi Brown, the quality is amazing, the colours are all gorgeous and in my opinion well…she just gets it! Bobbi gets it!


So you can probably guess what happened next… yup…I splurged! The product in question… The iconic Shimmer Brick. There are 5 sets of shades and I think they also have other limited editions but I chose “Bronze” as I loved the coppery rose gold tones and wanted something more bronzer less blush but I also think it depends on your skin tone. The idea is that you can either use each colour strip as an eye shadow or  you can sweep on cheeks, using your Blush Brush. I like this multitasking kinda product especially at R515! Yowzer!

Using the brick as individual eye shadows – the colours are stunning but I have found mine to be a bit difficult to get on my brush, its almost not powdery enough and so doesn’t show up well and give me the pigment I’m looking for. As an overall shimmering “bronzy” glow it is absolutely beautiful, the colours work perfectly together with my skin tone and there is a highlighter in there as well which works well to highlight the cheek bone, just that lovely glow!


I’m not gonna lie, I have my eye on a few other things; I would definitely love to try their foundation and concealer, perhaps a lippy! BrobbiBrownSA are also offering free 20 minute make up lessons on a variety of things like “Smokey Eyes” and “Everything Brows” or you could have a 45 minute Makeup lesson like the “Special Occasion Makeup” for R350, which I think is redeemable if you buy a product. I am definitely going to take them up on that, will let you know how it goes…

Do you have any fave Bobbi Brown products that you love?

2014-09-16 16.26.31

3 responses to “The Shimmer Brick…

  1. I have this too & didn’t know it could be used as a blush / bronzer. Ha… will try it for sure. I agree the colours just aren’t pigmented enough almost when using as a shadow. I have found you really have to build it up to get it to look like anything. Thanks for sharing. x

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