Budget Bliss


First things first, I think you definitely get what you pay for and I err on the side that believes it is worth saving up and spending a little more money on good quality products, they are generally better and last longer. Lets face it though, not all of us can afford to kit our collections out with Dior and Chanel, we have to feed ourselves and pay the bills! That being said, we consumers are spoiled for choice and I have discovered a few products over the months that have been much easier on the wallet and are really good. (Anyone else watching too many beauty vlogs and getting excited when you come across a high street dupes video?)

As much as is good to wait, save and invest (yes we’re still on the subject of beauty not finance!), I love a bargain! I love finding a lovely eyeliner that I use all the time and it only cost me R20. It’s also about knowing what to invest in and what you can spend less on. For instance, I hate the idea of spending lots of money on mascara because it needs to be replaced frequently. I would rather buy a cheaper mascara and spend more on a foundation or powder. (this may be why I am struggling to find an amazing mascara!) There is so much choice out there, it is also great to be able to mix and match but here are some tried and tested ones of my own…. Each product is under R100, except I’m not 100% sure how much the NYX blush was but their cream blushes go for around R120 . (All can be bought in Clicks and Catrice you’ll find in Dischem and I have included some online shopping links as well.

Garnier BB cream in light – when I’m in a hurry or I don’t want too much coverage I often reach for this.

Catrice Blush Tint – for lips and cheeks – I had high hopes for this being like the Benetint from Benefit and was disappointed at first as it has a very gel like consistency. It has grown on me a lot and despite being a little tricky to apply, I love the result. It looks like a very natural flush on ones cheeks but move quickly when applying, I find dabbing it into the cheek works well.

Catrice Ultimate Colour in 190 “The Nuder The Better” – such a creamy consistency and smells gorgeous. Love their nude shades and think the packaging is ultra chic!

NYX blush in “Pinched” – I have seen this blush mentioned a couple times by beauty bloggers and it really is gorgeous! A stunning colour with a bit of shimmer and I use a big blush brush to dab it on my cheek bone rather than sweeping it on. I look forward to trying other products in this lovely and very affordable range.

Maybelline Great Lash – A cult classic I know but I have been trying so many mascaras lately that have had huge disappointments, this is the one that I have used the most with great results and I have found it really lengthens my lashes. This one is the “lots of lashes” and the wand is tapered which has been helpful when applying in the corners of the eye.

Essence 3D Eyeshadow in “irresistible fox-trott” – I like to try keep it simple, especially with my eyes as I am not a pro and when I try too many colours, my eye always looks muddy or lopsided (anyone else have this problem). This is something I just have to practice at but in the meantime I have been all over eyeshadow duo’s. I find cheaper eyeshadows on the market tend to lack decent pigment or they are too “dusty” in texture but this Essence one is beautiful. A rose gold and a copper colour, they are subtle and work so well together.

Essence Kajal Pencil #8 in Teddy – Essence products are definitely geared towards the teen market both in product and price but I have come across a couple of gems. Going back to the whole “you get what you pay for” also applies here but the brilliance is that if you buy a product that is not great, you haven’t broken the bank. Also, if you are trying something out, it is a great way to experiment before you spend money on an investment product. I have gotten a lot of use out of this eyeliner, find it soft and easy to apply. Love the colour, especially during the day when I want something more natural and subtle.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love Wrendley x

4 responses to “Budget Bliss

  1. It can be daunting and time consuming trawling through the endless options on the shelves for products to try so thank you! I love the eye colour shades from the Essence range so definitely going to give that a try. Any chance you can do something on lipsticks that are worth getting that won’t break the bank?

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