Loving Local…


When it comes to food and cooking, the last few years has seen a huge rise in sourcing local produce, healthier organic food options that also support local small businesses which got me thinking about beauty products…I have stumbled upon some wonderful locally made South African beauty products that have become center stage in my bathroom cabinet and that I continue to repurchase. Aside from wanting to support these businesses, I have found a lot of these products to be really really good and I would highly recommend heading to your local markets and discovering not only great products but passionate people who are talented and want to make fantastic wholesome stuff without all the added gunk.

Firstly there’s Rondavel, I am not quite sure where to start with my rave about these guys, their soaps are the absolute bee’s knees! Put this way, I have a secret stash and I no longer use any other soap! I mean if you live or visit South Africa, how can you not get excited about a “Naartjie & Mieliemeal natural handmade soap!?” They source all their ingredients from the Southern African region so you’ll find ingredients like Karoo Lavender, Cape Chamomile and Baobab & African Bluegrass with nothing artificial or synthetic and handmade at every stage right down to the wrapping! I recently also tried their “Soothing Salve” with Propolis & Lavender which is a lovely healing balm that gives Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream a serious run for it’s money! This literally saved my skin this winter and the best part is that this salve has 8 ingredients and I can pronounce every single one them!


Another firm favorite in my bathroom is the Rubba-Dubba Face Scrub and I think I am just about to come to the end of my third jar! This face scrub has just 3 ingredients (which I can also pronounce!); baking soda, coconut oil and honey. It exfoliates really well like a fine beach sand which I love! It buffs up dull skin and the coconut oil and honey are perfect for moisturising and keeping your skin subtle. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to list all the benefits of coconut oil! Again, made from natural ingredients that are great for the skin. Also in her range is a body scrub and body butter, refreshingly simple and beautifully packaged.


Then there’s Treemendus, a recently discovered tea tree range from Durban. I am not generally wild about the smell of Tea Tree but with shea butter and rose geranium, this one is subtle and is more “fresh” smelling than “medicinal.” It is also light, easily absorbed and it feels very soothing. It contains organic ingredients, it’s not tested on animals and is certified by ECOCERT. I am looking forward to trying their tea tree body wash with grapefruit, peppermint and lemon oils….sounds just like the kind of zingy zesty combo to get one energised in the morning!














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