Product Review – Dirty Works Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have this teeny problem with these facial wipes that I found a little while ago from Dirty Works. The problem is not that they are awful or anything like that… oh no dear Readers, they are fantastic wipes. The problem is that I cannot for love or money find them anywhere! My local Clicks was stocking this range but it seems that somebody from the purchasing department may have forgotten to reorder stock, it’s never on the shelves. What I loved about their face wipes was that they did the job well, didn’t leave that slimy residue that some other facial wipes leave and most of all they were super super soft, by far the softest in the land. I love a number of products from this range, the Supreme Cream Body Butter is one of my faves, the Power Berry Detox Mask is lovely and I have also really enjoyed the Pore-fect Face Scrub. This week I spotted one of their products I had never seen before, this hot cloth cleanser which I snapped it up with high hopes….


Here’s what I loved:

  • It’s very rich and creamy, makes for a lovely facial massage.
  • It comes with 2 muslin cloths, these are great at removing grim and polishing things up.
  • It did a good job at removing make up and mascara (although I didn’t like what that did to my lovely fresh white muslin cloths)!
  • Skin felt squeaky clean and supple.
  • Price: R89.95

And here’s the “eh” *shrug of the shoulders* factor:

  • The Eucalyptus creates a cooling and refreshing effect, it’s not too overbearing but I gotta say I am not in love with the smell. Rather than smelling quite natural or creamy, it smells more like the medicine cabinet. Just don’t love it and this is the clincher for me.
  • I know that one shouldn’t judge books by their covers but the packaging of beauty products can be a big deal for me. In this case the tube is convenient and easy to use but I am not a big fan of the “quirky retro” packaging and wish they had called the range something other than “Dirty Works – Good clean fun,” I find it a little “cringy”.

Although there are more pro’s than con’s in this review, this won’t be a repurchase for me. I will probably finish the tube but will be focusing my attention on seeking out those face wipes instead…

Love Wrendley x





2 responses to “Product Review – Dirty Works Hot Cloth Cleanser

  1. Loving the blog Claire
    This brand looks so much like “Soap & Glory” found here, even down to the packaging being quirky! The only difference I can see is S&G is pink packaging
    It’s also gorgeous product with things like “The righteous butter” body moisturiser
    Love it too

    • Thanks! So glad you like and thank you for the support xxx Yes I remember Soap & Glory well and miss those little three for two’s in boots : ) I have a dear friend who has just got back from the UK and got some S&G goodies for me, excitement! Lots of love xxx

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