My Precioussss


I haven’t seen the inside of a Space NK for more years than I care to try and figure out. The smell of Diptyque scented candles and the promise of an Eve Lom cleanser… I think the first thing I ever bought in there was a Stila eye shadow pan in ‘Kitten’ back in the day when they came in those little silver cardboard pots (that stuff got everywhere)!

A dear friend visiting the UK very kindly offered to pick up some goodies for me. When Boots is a distant memory and you get an offer like this one…well…lets just say, I may need to invent a whole new word for ‘excitement’! I had a list drawn up in about 10 seconds and then had a look at the exchange rate, OUCH! Sadly, Space NK will have to remain on the wish list for another day…

Right, so new list….and a budget….holy mackerel, this ain’t gonna be easy!

I decided on a trip down memory lane and I find familiar smells are the best reminder. ‘The Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub’ got me through some tough times. Being young and broke in a grey English winter when family are at home swimming and braaing in the sun was tough. A bottle of red and a 60g sachet of salt scrub for a couple of quid was a great night in and my budget way of lifting the spirits! (The scrub took care of the body & the wine took care of the spirits). The sea salt scrubbed away dead cells, while the oils soaked into the skin, the smell leaving your skin exquisitely scented.  I also got their body lotion which I think I’ll just keep close by to sniff throughout the day.

Frankly, a visit to Boots just wouldn’t be worth it without a dabble in some ‘Soap & Glory’, love it love it love it, just cannot get enough of the smell of this range, their Righteous Butter is just so good! Made with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera it is super softening, hydrating and doesn’t leave any residue. As Christmas time is upon us, this one has arrived in a cute candy cane box – adorable! Then a ‘Scrub ’em and Leave ’em Body Buff with Babassu oil & Sea Salt was another little spoil which is making me so happy.

Everything in Boots has a ‘mini me’ which is awesome. Awesome if you want to sample something and awesome if you want to travel. Also a great way to pamper yourself without hurting your purse as they are all around 2 quid. I also don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a 3 for 2 going on there, so another great way to get more for your hard earned ‘Buffaloes’. For us South African beauty fanatics, the exchange rate can be a killer. If any of you don’t live in the UK but make a trip in the future, the mini me’s from boots would be my first recommendation. (Unless of course your Dad is Nicky Oppenheimer, then just go straight to Space NK, the one in Guildford is lovely ; )

And of course, a special ‘shout out’ to the lovely Linda Melbourne! Thank you for thinking of me on your trip, despite brief with a missed flight, still managing to grab these for me. These goodies are filling my life with joy and heavenly scented skin!

Love Wrendley x


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