Miss List

Sometimes we purchase a product that doesn’t quite cut the mustard, these are a few of mine. Of course there’s no need for me to go all ‘disclaimer’ on you guys, you know this is only my opinion. We work hard for our money, I’d rather spend it on fabulous things that do the job they’re supposed to.


1. Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil – I am of the opinion that the only place a lime belongs is in a Margarita! Lime fragrance beauty products never smell like fresh limes, something goes wrong somewhere along the line (lime) and what you end up with is a ‘Rose’s Lime Cordial’ smelling product which is sadly exactly what this cleansing body oil smells like, in fact I was quite alarmed at the similarity! It’s bad enough that I was once served a Margarita using that cordial stuff (sacrilege) and now it has made it’s way into my beauty products (uggh)! I am also quite irked by the fact that these Lipidol products all come in their own individual clear plastic wrapping which is completely unnecessary, a frivolous waste of plastic in a environmentally conscious society, no??? A bit harsh perhaps but I am a little annoyed because I really like this product, sans the smell of course. I rather like the idea of cleansing oils because they don’t strip the skin and leave it feeling dry. You use this like a cleanser in the shower, apply to wet skin, it emulsifies, you have a lovely light lather which you then rinse off. Skin is cleansed and soft, lovely jubbly! Of all the fragrances they could have chosen though, ‘Rose’s Lime Cordial’ was a drop catch for me.

2. Essence “Me & My Ice Cream” Shimmer Pearls – Okay so I realize that a product called “Me & My Ice Cream” was probably my first clue, also this only cost around R50 so it’s really my own fault yes yes I know but I was impressed with a bronzer I bought a little while back and thought I may be on to a winner. When I say these shimmer pearls do nothing, I mean they do NOTHING! I even crushed one of these little pearls between my fingers and the powdery dust disintegrated to NOTHING. You win some, you lose some I guess but this is the worst product I have ever bought!

I am looking at this next one trying really really hard to come up with a good enough reason to like it which isn’t a good sign is it? I want to like it but there is just a bit of a disconnect for me somewhere. 3.The Body Shop Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet. My main conundrum here is that I don’t quite get it, understand how to incorporate it? I get the whole aqua boost, 24 hr moisture thing but I get confused with the word ‘Sorbet’? Is that like a moisturizer, a serum or something in between? Something to cleanse the palette perhaps? I adore the Vitamine E range from Body Shop especially the fresh unadulterated smell but this smells different, more floral but in a heady, sickly way, strange and unfamiliar, perhaps I am just over thinking this one. It has quite a ‘matt’ finish so if you live somewhere hot, need extra moisture, can get past the smell and don’t want to look greasy, this may be for you.

I had high hopes for this 4. Toni & Guy moisturising shine spray but I’m not heck of a confident it does what it says on the tin. It reads ‘ A weightless shine and polish for long lasting smoothness’, however every time I use this, I try really really hard to find that extra shine to my hair but don’t see anything different. Instead my hair has this horrid, plastic-y, silicone-y coating that is kinda sticky and weird. It also says ‘for brilliant shine and smoothness, team with Toni & Guy serum drops.’ I’d lose this and just go with serum drops. Blasting my hair with cold air does a better job at adding shine. I do love the smell of it though!

Surprise surprise a disappointing mascara in my stash! Coming in at no 5. the Revlon Mega Lash lengthening Mascara. I have probably had worse but I’ve also had better. It says it’s ‘Clump-free’ ‘Smudge-free’ and ‘fragrance-free’ and while it is all these things which are good as far as mascara goes, it lacks length, body and just general va-va voom! The word ‘limp’ comes to mind and for that reason, another one bites the dust!

There it is, all my product dirty laundry! I feel like I may now need to post about some of my favorites to counter act all this negativity!

Any products you’ve purchased lately that haven’t floated your boat? You can air your dirty product laundry here:

Take care, Love Wrendley x





One response to “Miss List

  1. Really enjoyed this post. It just shows you that a good brand name doesn’t necessarily carry a product. Thanks,Love Wrendley.

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