Mini Vacay

The summer season is upon us, the season for sipping bubbles out on the lawn, braai’s, lashings of sunscreen, flip flops and to kick it all off a little vacay to the Berg, thanks to some dear friends for opening their hearts and timeshare to us! The Drakensberg is a truly special place and always a magnificent sight to behold. Majestic and haunting, a familiar friend both admired and respected…

Goodness, before I head off on a tangent of mountain descriptiveness, let me reel myself back in! A mini break requires packing, finding that balance between taking exactly what you need without packing the kitchen sink, not an easy task my friends! As far as clothes and shoes go, years of boarding school has given me the gift of military precision. Rolled up tops and carefully folded dresses that can be worn in a multitude of different ways… not packing the bathroom sink is where I always seem to fall short! A girl needs all her lotions and potions, she needs that fully equipped make up bag (despite not wearing a stitch of make up since she left – go figure!)

What about the bag for the road? Here’s a peek in mine…


 Phone, Wallet, Camera, Sunnies

Deodorant, Sunscreen, Wet Wipes, Baby Cologne (great little “fresher upper”), Mini Eau de toilette

Hand cream, Trusty Lip balm, Oil control Papers

Mints & a Mag

As for the toiletry bag, don’t do what I do, invest in some travel sized potions. As for make up, perhaps a little blush, and mascara is all you really need. Sometimes it’s nice to break from other things too and let your soul (and skin) breathe.





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