Fashion to live or Fashion to die in 2015?

So ‘Arm Knitting’ is now a thing, my Pinterest feed is inundated. You quite literally arm your arm with yarn and knit yourself…a blankey! The chunky blankets do look gorgeous and I am tempted but holding ones arm out for an hour whilst attempting to knit an over sized rug on it just seems a little…mmmm….what’s the word I’m looking for….excruciating!!!

Anyway, it got me thinking about fads and trends so I thought I would share my thoughts on which fashion trends and items I think should continue into 2015 and which ones should stay behind and die…

These can stay –

Oversized – My chunky, cozy knits are some of my favorites. Slouchy trousers, baggy oversized shirts and tops, gorgeous cocoon coats. These days I prefer comfort and finding ways to hide the remnants of the silly season. The key here is to balance things out so if your jersey is very baggy then pair with skinnies or leggings. Another way to wear oversized without too much bulk is to cinch things in at the waist with a lovely belt.

Trainers – I am really enjoying all these crazy cool takkies/sneakers/trainers whatever ya wanna call ’em, especially the ones in gold glitter which I am still on the lookout for. Even the not so crazy kind with some cigarette pants are so cool and a perfect complement to ‘street-style’

Blazers – There are many ways to jazz up an outfit but I am loving all the blazers! Wear over a dress with shorts even jeans. Smart, versatile and cool.

Pleats – Pretty pleated skirts have been all over the place lately and I really hope they stick around. Classic and ladylike, a lovely way to wear pastels too. Wear with an airy white blouse and wrap around sandals or for the colder months, a jersey and boots. Forgiving, flattering and ultra feminine, yes please!

Folklore – I am going to create my own little ‘fashion umbrella’ if you will and also put hippie, festival, bohemian and retro revival under it! Cheating much? Whimsical, dreamy, pretty smocks, Mexicanna, tasseled, beaded, kimonos, Kate Moss collection for Topshop, billowing peasant silhouettes, 70’s inspired glamour, embroidery, fairytales, patchwork, ponchos, messy hair, Mui Mui’s swinging sixties collection, mixed together with all the charm and rebellion of a leather jacket or slouch suede boots. I’ll take it all into 2015, thanks!


These can die… bye bye –

Slogan Shirts – Ughh, enough already! Here’s a scenario; you’re wondering through the mall and walking towards you is someone with something written on their shirt. For some reason you are compelled to know what it says but you have to do a speed read at a glance and the shirt reads something like ” I’d flex but I like this shirt” *eye roll* Really dude? Really? Do you have any idea how lame that makes you look? It has just gotten so out of hand with the “last clean shirt’s” and the “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition” nonsense! Let’s just put it all to bed in 2015 shall we? All these “Shopping is my cardio” and “Stressed, depressed but well dressed” or “I woke up like this” along with any shirt that has a hashtag on it.

Booty Shorts – So let’s say Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got together and had a love child… oh wait a minute…right…never mind! Okay so let’s say you have an arse like a Victoria’s Secret model- wearing booty shorts is still terribly unattractive…why? Because wearing an item of clothing in public where you have your butt cheeks hanging out is tacky…do I really need to give an explanation for that one…?

Cut out Jeans – I enjoy a ripped distressed jean as much as the next person but cut out jeans are just rehashing a trend to an inch of its life, that and it really doesn’t look great. Bedazzling them doesn’t help either. (Same with the booty shorts, bedazzling them doesn’t stop us from having to see your butt cheek!)

Sports Luxe – Sportswear meets high end fashion – I just don’t like it! I’m always wondering how much noise the fabrics make when you move in them! I am also throwing “mesh’ and “neoprene” into this mix as a big no no as they often go hand in hand. Alexander Wang recently did a line for H&M using a lot of Neoprene! I understand that it’s very damp in England but that is no excuse to wear scuba diving gear and try and pimp it up as fashion, it’s ridiculous and ugly and if it’s raining, buy an umbrella!

Crop Tops – I have run into a bit of a debate with this one and do agree that worn with the right pants or skirt, a crop top can work well. The problem is that many people don’t, they go to a festival and pair their crop top with their bedazzled booty shorts! (I think I may need to stand outside my local Cotton On and start some sort of petition “I don’t want to look like a hipster”) Who’s with me?


And just for good measure –

There isn’t an outfit on the planet that needs to be complimented with a pair of Jelly Shoes. Just don’t. Breakfast cereal inspired handbags are not cute or quirky; Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Tony the Tiger’ bag was a sad day for fashion. Wearable tech is awful, a watch that supports Candy Crush isn’t cool and you should probably take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror if you have one. Anything worn by Lady Gaga – she’s not paving the way for fashion, she’s crucifying it! “We get it Gag’s, you’re Edgy, please just stop it now!”

Hope you all have a brilliant and fashionable 2015!

Love Wrendley x



3 responses to “Fashion to live or Fashion to die in 2015?

  1. Love this. And the photographs look really great. Looking forward to a very fashion-forward 2015 with our very own Love Wrendley. X

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