Lunch out in the Midlands – Terbodore

Here’s what you need to know about Costa Rica:

It takes up .03 % of the earths’ surface yet contains more than 5% of its biodiversity. (This was the first thing I ever read about Costa Rica in a ‘Lonely Planet’ before I ever knew I’d be gracing its shores – fascinating thought!)

It was the first country in the world to abolish its Army (Costa Rican’s are armed with schoolbooks rather than rifles – love it!)

They have more than 121 volcanic formations, seven of them are active. (Arenal Volcano is one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world – this one I have seen smouldering, pity it rained and we saw nada when my sister visited!)


Costa Rica has the best coffee in the world (something about all the volcano’s)

Until now….


Sitting pretty against a back drop of the beautiful Natal Midlands is a gorgeous gem called Terbodore. Terbodore was established in 2004 by Marian Macaskill. As the business grew she was joined by her husband Mark, and more recently by their son, Michael. Of course we can’t forget Sultan – their Great Dane, who seems to become somewhat of a celeb and whose image now graces their logo.

Terbodore coffee is nothing short of fantastic and to me it is evident with every sip that there is time, patience, quality and skill that has gone into the sourcing of beans and the roasting. Whenever I have a coffee there I am always blown away with the richness and smoothness of it. I’m a big fan of the Dutch chocolate flavour, not because it’s sweet and ‘chocolatey’, on the contrary, it’s just got great depth and richness to it.

They could very well use beans from Costa Rica but those beans don’t roast themselves all the way over here in beautiful South Africa plus we don’t have volcano’s to worry about!

Birthday Selfie


Perusing the menu…


Alongside the roastery is their restaurant and because we had a recent Birthday to celebrate, I could think of no better place to relax and have a bite of lunch.

Take note: They aren’t licensed so if you fancy wine with lunch, you’ll need to bring your own, it’s R25 corkage – we didn’t know and a glass of bubbly would have been nice.

Beau had a burger piled high with all the goodies, topped with a tomato relish accompanied by chips, it looked delish and apparently it was! I had a country salad which was butter lettuce laden with salad fare as well as nuts, grapes, biltong and avo, it was the perfect picky plate and everything was super fresh. I also needed to try their twice baked three cheese soufflé. It was rich but absolutely divine. I take my hat off to anyone who can pull off soufflé that is this light and fluffy and swimming in an oozy cheese sauce.

Country Salad


Twice Baked Three Cheese Soufflé


We ended things off with a couple of Dutch chocolate cappuccinos and of course cake (Birthdays are no good without some sort of cake). We ordered the Cinnamon and walnut cheese cake, took a bite and Beau said “Someone needs to make sure that they don’t ever forget how to make that”

“Let them eat cake…”


 Mmmm….walnuts and creamy deliciousness


 The Sultan of good coffee…


Terbodore is a little off the beaten track but well worth the trip. The staff (and cat’s) are super friendly and you’re made to feel at home. The garden is stunning for warm days and inside by the fire is lovely and cozy for the wintery ones. They also have a roastery in the Cape Winelands as well as a Terbo’ Truck so their coffee is now supplied around the country – happy days for coffee lovers!

Don’t forget to pick up a stash of coffee from their shop for home : )


What else you need to know:

They are closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays

Check out their website here for more info.

Telephone: 033 330 2380
Cell: 083 551 3004
Address: 87 Old Main Road, Curry’s Post,
KZN Midlands



4 responses to “Lunch out in the Midlands – Terbodore

  1. A soufflé is one of my favourite things to eat! With a planned visit to the Midlands soon this will go on my compiled list of places to try … I always make sure I do my research of places to eat and visit ahead of my travels so thanks for the review as well as the heads up to BYO!

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