Thrifting in the Midlands

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Crusty tissues hidden in pockets, rummaging around in musty boxes and through countless dusty rails to find a hidden gem. Being eyed up by the old ducks at the counter of the SPCA as you hold out a retro 80’s print, ruffle neck silk shirt and try to figure out if you can pull it off with some skinny’s and your ‘Mary Jane’s’. It’s finding that perfectly tailored YSL sheer blouse only to discover a whopping great stain on the front or coming across a vintage 60’s dress, beautifully made and designed to fit the waist of a Russian acrobat (our Grandmothers were much smaller in their day and probably clad in some sort of breath holding corset)

Oh the adventures of a thrifter…

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If you can get past all that musty, thrifting can be a fun, rewarding and affordable way to shop for clothes and accessories. I shall refrain from lecturing you on the fundamentals of reducing, reusing, recycling, we are all aware that in our ‘throw away culture’ we all need to be acting more responsibly. Clothes fall into the recycle category too. Have you noticed how Vintage clothing is of a much better quality than the majority of clothes sold in shops in the mall and high street. Clothes from Mr Price and Cotton On are produced on such a scale that they are not made to last a  lifetime, a season at best and don’t get me started on the state of these items after one wash! We don’t hang on to these items, we chuck and buy more. Let’s begin by clearing out our closets, donating our old clothes to charity and do our bit for the planet by heading to our local thrift stores…win, win.

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If you’re new to thrifting, here are some pointers to help you get started:

  • Go often and be prepared to get your hands dirty
  • Remember – clothes can be cleaned and mended but evaluate whether it’s worth it
  • Think outside the box – try and imagine what you could style things with in your closet
  • Some great items to keep a look out for –

Mum jeans and tailored trousers

Pleat Skirts

The Blouse – sheer, print, classic white

Blazers and Jackets

Retro dresses

Knit Wear

I have a much better idea though…. Go and check out


A friend and I have just started an online thrift and vintage boutique called Foxglove. We’ve handled all the crusty tissues in the pockets so you don’t have to!


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We live near a retirement village and have tapped into a valuable thrifting resource in South Africa with a number of charity shops in the area. Our prices are massively competitive and we are extremely passionate about what we are doing.

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