Oscar & the Cynic

I’d like to thank the Academy from the bottom of my heart!
Oh my gosh, this is such a surprise, what an honor!
To just be nominated, let alone win and alongside such talent.
Thank you to the other leading ladies, Meryl, Cate, my inspiration and Reese darling, you’re alright…
The rest of our miraculous cast and crew, I share this with you, you are amazing and inspire me every day.
My agent, you are the most courageous person I know.
I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the unconditional support of my loving family and of course my Beau, you are my rock!

Well… my acceptance speech may now need a bit of tweaking, since I will need to include some sort of political plea.

Look, I don’t disagree with Patricia Arquette’s message, in fact I am fully on board with equal pay for woman but I am not entirely convinced that when one is honoured by the ‘Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ that one should also be using that stage as a Soapbox? I am in two minds because I do agree that celebrities have a responsibility to promote awareness ect but there was definitely something that irked me about the constant protesting. We were reminded about everything from voting rights and equal pay to Alzheimer’s. By the time Eddie Redmayne pranced up onto the stage gushing like a teenage girl to accept his best actor statue and mentioned how we need to all know more about ALS, I felt a bit tired of feeling preached at.

Now in light of all this, let’s take a moment to consider the 7.5 million dollars worth of diamonds twinkling around the room that evening, the 6000 pearls on Lupita’s custom Calvin Klein gown or the cool 100 carat diamond strap worn by Dokota (proving that all the diamonds in a small African country still cannot fix an average dress!) 80,000 hand painted sequins adorned Julianne’s Chanel gown along with a ‘goodie’ bag worth $160K which included 2 vacations for the overworked Alzheimer’s activist. I think you know where I’m heading with this, but I can’t help wonder if it wouldn’t have been more effective if Patricia Arquette had just sent around a collection offertory basket?
Surely the kind of millions spent on this one Awards evening is what would really help these organisations? Are these actors making a difference with this kind of ‘awareness activism’? Is it Oscar or themselves they are trying to put on their ‘do-gooder’ pedestals?

Anyhoo, despite the nausea I feel when I read that Jennifer Lopez’s Neil Lane jewelry alone cost $2.5 million and that the price tag on some of these dresses is just grossly excessive, I have to admit that I do love a bit of Oscar red carpet fashion. Don’t we enjoy being the fashion police, I know I do.

So without further adieu… my thoughts on this year’s red carpet…

Overall I was a little disappointed with the fashion this year. I didn’t really understand why J-lo was at the Oscar’s sitting next to Meryl snapping selfie’s but the squashed half boob look – not a fan. As for Meryl, I admire her and her ability to keep things elegant and toned down but she looks like a school teacher, Lanvin or no Lanvin! Gwyneth has the potential to knock it out the park; I just don’t understand all the pink. She is already quite pinky in complexion so she just resembled a long milkshake. I can’t quite put my finger on it but Julianne Moore’s dress was just wrong, Chloe Grace Mortez’s curtain couture made her look pregnant while Reese and Jen Aniston’s outfits made me yawn…

Who really topped it though?

My worst dressed goes to…

Scarlet Johansen – the colour, the cut, the green bead neck brace thingy, definite NAY. I can’t get excited about Miley Cyrus inspired hair either.


Solange Knowles – she looks swaddled, it is all just too much and terribly unflattering.

Nicole Kidman – This one looks like it’s made from the same fabric as a 6 year old’s Disney princess dress and the red sash is ridiculous. (Also someone needs to get this girl a Big Mac!)


Felicity Jones – I love Felicity Jones and I think her hair and make-up looked gorgeous but the dress, oh the dress, NAY Felicity, NAY NAY NAY.

Blanca Blanco – no clue who she is but…WTF!?


Naomi Watts – I don’t quite understand why everyone is getting so excited about this bizarre brick wall inspired dress, hate it!


My favourites go to….

Margot Robbie in Yves Saint Laurent. My favorite hands down. It’ masculine, it’s feminine, it’s flattering and elegant. By far the dress I’d  like to wear most. Her hair, make-up, necklace, absolutely stunning.

Emma Stone – not sure the lovely Emma can do wrong on the red carpet. Who in the world can pull off lime green sequins – Em can that’s who! I think it’s a courageous choice and she looks stunning. Her hair is the perfect compliment. (Not too sure about the matchy shoes though)

Rosmund Pike – my latest girl crush the lovely Rosamund looks amazing! This red lace Givenchy number is oozing with glamour. Love the cinched waist, very flattering along with the delicate scalloped detail and slit – equals perfection.


Marion Cotillard – in Christian Dior, the ‘marmite’ dress of the evening! It’s weird but I love it, a big risk and completely bizarre but she nailed it.


Sienna Miller – this is designed by Peter Copping’s debut collection for Oscar de la Renta, taking over from the legend himself since he passed away last year. There is something a little ‘off key’ about it that I love. The velvet ribbons aren’t perfect, they are almost like a last minute detail that wrapped her up perfectly. Love!


Chrissy Teigen – Could it be because she is a supermodel or perhaps that she has John Legend on her arm… whatever it is, she looks stunning with a good dose of that Hollywood glam.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, my thought’s on this years Academy Awards fashion…

Who had you swooning and who had you gagging? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments…


Wrendley x


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